The Future China Advanced Leaders Club (慧眼中国汇)provides a platform to ensure the continuity of close friendships and camaraderie forged among participants who have graduated. Other than strengthening their connections with fellow participants who are top management from leading organisations in Singapore, the Club also provides opportunities for the exchange of business insights.

Class of 2017




Brian Koh
Deputy General Manager, Project Management Dept
Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co., Ltd

“The history, the culture, business law, taxation, policy and doing businesses in China are all very relevant to my business. So we cover both the theory and practical part of it where we get to travel to China and see for ourselves the progress of the Belt and Road Initiative.”
Victor Foo
General Manager
GNT Singapore Pte Ltd

“I think what really impressed me most was at Horgos where we were brought to see the Free Trade Zone between China and Kazakhstan. It was amazing to see how fast China has finished building the building even though it was in a piece of land that has no development except for that official structure. For the Central Government to put his mind to do something, they really act on it and do on it fast.”



Frankie Lee
Deputy Director
Nanyang Technological University - NTUitive Pte Ltd

“China is a very dynamic market, this course actually gave us a perspective at the national level but at the same time some important fundamental values in terms of the culture and historical perspectives and the social dimension and that’s when how we match this two together and find our way to navigate into the Chinese market.”
Emily Tan
Managing Director
TSM Consultancy Pte Ltd 

“The Future China Advanced Leaders Programme has brought together like-minded people from a diverse industry. It also brings the big corporations and SMEs together. The trip out to China and Kazakhstan has built a camaraderie spirit among participants that extends far beyond the Programme.”




Lee Seng Shoy
Lee Seng Shoy
Managing Director 
Hong Guan (Tackle) Pte Ltd 



Tan Tze Shang
Managing Director
The Ascott Limited

“主办方安排的非常好,它让我们实地能够考察那边当地的情况, 也让我们与当地政府官员和商人一起交流。通过这样的交流机会,我们可以更实际的了解当地发展情况还有商业的机会,对我来说这是最好的收获。”

Class of 2016



Lau Kim Hui 

Head of Business Development
Pan Ocean Transport Pte Ltd

"We actually met the alumni from NTU, as well as the Singaporeans working in China from Singapore Chamber of Commerce. Businessmen who are looking to expand or grow their businesses in China should attend this course. In fact, I think that if they want to grow their businesses regionally and internationally, they should attend this course as well."
Kelvin Lim
Executive Chairman
LHN Group Pte Ltd


I have learnt a lot from this Programme. For example, I have seen how Singaporeans expand their social and business networks in China and at the same time how the Chinese expand their social business networks in Singapore.


 Calvin Ong Calvin Ong
Personal Assistant to Chairman
Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“Newcomers are able to bring in new ideas and veterans are able to share their experiences in China. I think this is a very good platform to bring newcomers and veterans on China together.”

Clyde Lee
Fabregas Investment Pte Ltd
“I think this Programme is extremely well educated and would recommend people to join. Through this course, I was able to get a first-hand view of how other companies approach new technology and processes. From there, I can think about whether I can implement a certain percentage of what I feel is of value to my company.”

 Clyde Lee



Christopher Ng
Executive Director
Triplestar Holdings Pte Ltd
“China is an important market due to its rapid urbanisation and the increasing affluence of the country. The 'One Belt, One Road' initiative represents China's commitment to engage the regional and global economy. I believe there will be significant opportunities for investments and collaborations between the Chinese and Singapore companies.”



Ruby Teo
Stalford Education Holdings Pte Ltd

"The course is good because it prepares me for China. I call it the China-ready, China-savvy and China-connected course.


 Ruby teo
Adeline Ong
Vice President
City Developments Ltd
“The Programme provides networking opportunities both locally and overseas (in Chongqing and Shenzhen). Through these networking sessions, I got to know people from different companies and with different background.”

Class of 2015

Invaluable knowledge sharing and networking opportunities do not cease with completion of the Programme. The Future China Advanced Leaders Club (慧眼中国汇) is a platform to ensure continuity of close friendships and interaction among all graduated participants. Other than deepening their personal connections among fellow participants who are top management from leading organisations in Singapore, the Club also serves as an avenue for robust exchange of business insights.


Stephen Ng
Chief Executive Officer
China International Capital Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd

 “China has evolved from being a follower to a leader as they become the world’s second largest economy. Based on the growth from China’s urbanisation rate and the middle class, I think it is a matter of time before they overtake the US as an economy. Therefore I would strongly recommend this Programme to those who wish to do business with China as it is critical to understand China from all perspectives”


Stephen Ng
 Yang Sai Hoi

Yang Sai Hoi
Vice President,Head of West Region China
Silka Asia Pacific Management Pte Ltd

"I would highly recommend this programme for executives who want to do business in China. It is a fast-track and comprehensive programme delivered by experienced lecturers from a diverse area of expertise. The networking sessions between the participants, lecturers, business leaders and government officials has greatly enhanced our learning experience." 

Janice Kan
Senior Vice President
Singapore Exchange Limited

“In China, a lot of the decision making process is actually top-down driven. It is only by understanding their culture then we can understand their thought process.

This Programme re-enforces the point that understanding China is not about just understanding the geographical or racial positioning but more importantly its culture, civilization and five thousand years of history.”

 Janice Kan
Tey Soon Heng  Tey Soon Heng
Spring Maternity

“This Programme is very unique. It allows me to frame my thoughts with cultural and historical perspectives and through that, better understand how the Chinese think and the considerations behind why things are done in certain ways. Through engagement with Chinese officials, local businesses and industry and commerce federations, I also gained a more comprehensive understanding of how things work in China, from an insiders’ perspective.”



Zhang Keke
Managing Director
FY Industrial Pte Ltd
Zhang Keke



Joseph Koh

Joseph Koh
Ping Siong International Pte Ltd

“Our trip to Wuhan and Changsha in central China for the Experiential Learning Journey has benefitted me greatly. In Wuhan, we met and interacted with the local government officials and learnt more about its geographical and business advantage as the central hub of China. In Changsha, our meeting with local China conglomerates’ senior management has rewarded me with valuable insights on strategies, present and future trends to do business in China.”



Pierre Huang
Eastern China General Manager
IPACS China Pte Ltd

Pierre Huang
Lisa Teo

Lisa Teo
Executive Director, Corporate Development
Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd

"The Future China Advance Leaders Programme is important and enriching for business leaders with a keen interest in China. The curriculum uses holistic approach including philosophy, art and culture in addition to business knowledge. This will enable the building of strong amicable rapport with the Chinese business leaders."

Tan Suan Jin
Senior Portfolio Manager
Thirdrock Group

“One of the key highlights and takeaways of this Programme is the extensive networks that I have gained in both Singapore and China. The networking sessions held during the Singapore and China segments allowed me to tap on Business China and NTU’s excellent network of senior business professionals and industry leaders whom I gained valuable insights from. This extensive network is an excellent platform to utilise and expand on for anyone who wants to do business in China.”

 Tan Suan Jin

Class of 2014


Dmitry Barkov
General Manager
Sport & Fashion Management Pte Ltd

"Economic and political situations in China are developing so fast that one cannot afford to not be updated. This course provides a really unique opportunity to look at China from a different angle.”

Chai Khye Yeien
Country Head of Operations (China)
Far East Organization

“It is immensely experiential. The network and the friendships that I made in this Programme would take me a long way.”


Edwin Chew
Director & CEO
Okura Flexible Automation Systems Pte Ltd

“Before we started the course, I thought I had some knowledge about China, but now that we are finishing the course, I find that I know nothing much about China. There is a lot to learn. This course is very comprehensive and has a lot of breadth and depth.”

Gan Chong Min
Managing Director. Fund Management
CapitaLand China

“I think Future China Advanced Leaders Programme is a very good platform to keep one informed of the developments in China. This platform gives you a very broad perspective of China’s politics, economics, culture and history. This course gives you almost the entire China, presented on a plate right there in front of you.”


Jordan Isac
Assistant to Chairman
OUE Limited

“The China segment was distinctive because we were following the Singapore government delegation led by SMS Lee Yi Shyan. That opportunity was unique because it allowed me to interact with key government leaders. It also improves my understanding of China and indirectly, the way the Chinese do business. Understanding these aspects would help a foreigner who is interested in going into China.”


Andrew Ng
Executive Director
Triplestar Holdings Pte Ltd

“I would say that there is nowhere in the world where one would be able to find a course like this, where one can meet government officials in China and facilitate business dialogues with key business leaders in China.”

Mark Ong
Senior Vice President
GIC Asset Management Pte Ltd

“The dynamicity in this course has been the best of any course I have attended.”








Kenneth Teo
Regional Director
International Enterprise Singapore

“The programme itself provides a very good platform for participants. I think that a lot of thought has been put into the development of the programme, especially in terms of the in-market immersion programme, so participants actually have a better appreciation of the interaction with officials, industry practitioners, as well as academics. It provides a holistic learning experience for everybody."

Class of 2013

Leng Yaw Owe
Chief Executive Officer
Infosim Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The programme is very well-organised and comprehensive. It provided strategic insights into China’s economic, political, cultural and business paradigms, giving me a better understanding of China from a holistic perspective.”



Andre Lim
Vice President (Market & Strategy Insight, Corporate Planning)
CapitaLand Limited

"This programme's key differentiating factor lies in its content. For example 茶道, 酒文化, the appreciation of calligraphy and even the appreciation of Chinese paintings, would allow us to better interact with Chinese business leaders and the government leaders in a social setting. The programme equips us with a better understanding of Chinese culture, allowing us to engage in deeper and more meaning discussions on topics that go beyond business. This is important because in China, it’s all about building relationships and trust.”



Liu Chang
New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd



Loh Long Hsiang 
COO, Vice President
Sinolending Ltd 

“Despite having first-hand experience of the cultural differences during my 5 years in China, I still find the course very enlightening as it equips us with a holistic understanding of China’s business, economic, political and cultural paradigms from an insider’s perspective. In addition, the networking opportunities with business leaders and government officials provided strategic insights and practical knowledge that are critical in enhancing our China Quotient. I enjoyed the camaraderie among my fellow classmates, which demonstrates that this course is also an excellent platform for forging stronger ties of friendship.”


Jeremy Ng
Managing Director
Panasonic Industrial Devices Semiconductor Development Asia

“This programme provides a lot of opportunities for business interaction with local businessmen and government officials in China, where you would learn more about the challenges and opportunities that one could expect in China.”
Benjamin Ow
Assistant to Executive Chairman
Annaik Limited

“This course has more than exceeded my expectations. It is insightful, interesting and in-depth. These three things sum up what the course is all about.”


Shaw Lay See
Director & Chief Operating Chief

Far East Organization

“The course has given us a concise and condensed introduction to China’s past, present and future, allowing us to gain an in-depth understanding of the diverse social ecology and inter-connectedness of the country’s political and socio-economic environment.”

Jube Zhong
Assistant CEO & Executive Director, Commercial Properties
Yanlord Land (Chengdu) Co., Ltd

"I really like the hands-on and very practical experience that we have in the second segment where the whole class went to China for the experiential learning journey. I think these closed-door discussions with government leaders and Sino-experts from both Singapore and China gave the whole class a better understanding of China's changing landscape."

Class of 2012 (Inaugural Batch)




Chong Hock Chang
Associate Director
Ho Bee Land Limited

“This course focuses on experiential learning. Not just on lectures. There are also instances where we go on field trips, like the China trip, and also there is a lot of networking sessions. I think that differentiates this course from other courses.”
Gerard Peter Creaner
Deputy Chairman
DPS Engineering (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“This course has whetted my appetite for China, and for doing business in China. The initial week opened our eyes to the background and history of China. The second week in China itself not only gave us face-to-face interactions and networks that will help us to understand and bond with each other. The programme has helped to de-mystify China.”



Cindy Goh
Executive Vice President
Meiban Group Ltd

“The Future China Advanced Leaders Programme is wonderful. We meet people from different industries, and they share experiences. All of them are key leaders in their industries. In other programmes, you often have formal sessions that range from just a dinner event to a short one day seminar. But for this Programme, having three full weeks of time allow you to share more and in greater depth. I particularly enjoyed the fact that we shared insights on a very candid basis.”



Alvin Kuah
Business Development Manager
Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd

“Well, I would say that these networking sessions definitely did give me a lot of new contacts, and that will be important, because in business we look at many opportunities. It’s not just restricted to my industry and what I do today. Even in the near future when we look at other opportunities, all these contacts and friends will definitely play a key factor.
Anne Lee
Investments Director
Bowen Enterprises Pte Ltd

“Some of the lessons that we have learnt including local dealings, uniqueness of the Chinese cultural way of doing business, and the informal networks are actually extremely helpful. To be honest, I don’t think we would have been able to have such a reach in such a short period of time without this Programme’s help.”



Lim Chu Chong
Managing Director & Regional Head, SME Banking
DBS Bank Limited

 “When I first joined this programme, I did not actually expect the course to be so holistic. Apart from the classroom training, there were also engagement sessions with Chinese entrepreneurs, government officials, and a lot of exposure to Chinese culture. It’s the holistic nature that really impressed me, and exceeded my expectations.”

Oon Jin Teik
Chief Operating Officer
SportsHub Pte Ltd

 “A course like this actually opens up the paradigm, for you to begin to understand in a logical manner China’s history and how it has grown. I personally find that this is not a traditional EMBA or Executive Education course, where you go into one, and they teach you marketing, finance, operations. Those are important, but they are, in my view, a low second priority. The first priority is: you need to understand the holistic culture of doing business in China, something which few education institutions emphasise.”




Roger Yap
Vice President, Global Operations
YCH Group Pte Ltd

 “With this programme, I am more confident of leading the team into China. And especially with Business China’s platform, it would be a good springboard for us to tap into China.”



Zhong Siwan
Investment Director
Yanlord Holdings Pte Ltd

“This programme strengthened my confidence in the bilateral relations and economic ties between Singapore and China. And on my part, how to better ride along this relationship. It allows us to meet a lot of other Chinese business leaders and if the interests and expertise align, we could even start looking into other markets together.”