The Bonds Of Success

The Bonds Of Success

The Bonds Of Success

Chinese elites, including business and government leaders, take great pride in their heritage. Gaining an insider’s understanding of China will give participants a distinct cultural advantage in a world where ‘guanxi’ matters. An intimate awareness of Chinese culture will help participants deepen ties with their Chinese stakeholders on a personal level.

Leveraging on Business China’s and Nanyang Business School’s close links with their Chinese counterparts in academic, government, business and industry circles, participants will be given the opportunity to expand their business networks and gain practical expertise. Field trips, study visits, networking sessions and cultural events form an integral part of participants’ exposure to real-life Chinese business experiences.

What the Programme Covers

The Programme has been designed to be both strategic and holistic. Its components are organised into six knowledge areas critical to business success in China. In addition to acquiring an important appreciation for Chinese arts and culture, participants will also establish networks with key business leaders and government officials during a week-long field visit to China.

Experiential Learning Journey to China

Participants of Future China Advanced Leaders Programme 2018 will have the opportunity to visit both key and potential provinces for an in-depth cultural and historical immersion learning journey.  The China segment is specially designed and intertwined with an intensive programme that will allow participants to learn and experience China’s rich historical and cultural background, as well as to understand and explore investment and development opportunities in the selected cities.

For the past few years, the alumni have been through immersion programme through the Shandong province to learn more about Confucius culture, the eastern cities such as Chongqing, Chengdu and Xi’an to re-explore China’s Great Western Development Drive, and Central China cities of Wuhan and Changsha to uncover emerging opportunities in the rapidly developing central economic corridor.

Participants of 2018 class can look forward to broaden their horizons from another fruitful and eye-opening learning journey with the Future China Advanced Leaders Programme.  

Networking Opportunities

Tapping into deeply cultivated business and governmental networks in China, the Programme offers participants the opportunity to foster invaluable connections with key stakeholders to further their business interests in the country.

Opportunities include:

  • Dining with industry leaders and established academics in Singapore and China
  • Sharing sessions and panel discussions with elite business leaders and government officials in Singapore and China
  • Networking sessions with Business China’s Board of Directors, Nanyang Business School’s Mayor Class, Nanyang Executive MBA’s Alumni and members of Future China Advanced Leaders Club

Contemporary Economics and Social Politics of China

This cluster of topics examines the structural trend in China’s urbanisation and industrialisation, as well as its corresponding global impact on businesses. It will also focus on the recent expansion in China’s investments overseas, the policy changes in China, its expansion of the domestic market and the implications for growth over the longer term.

Topics include:

  • Urbanisation and Industrialisation of China – Global Impact and Implication to Businesses
  • Demographics of China – Implication for Future Economic Growth
  • Future Trends - Assessing China’s Domestic Demand and Regional Growth Engines
  • China’s Investments Overseas – Global Impact and Future Trends
  • Industry Trends and Market Analysis
  • China’s International Relations and Related Issues
  • Societal Problems of China
  • China’s Political System and Leadership
  • Understanding the Government Mindset for Business
  • Policy Making: The Role of NDRC
  • Internationalisation of Chinese Companies
  • Internet Business for Traditional Enterprises

Chinese Heritage and Schools of Thought

These topics provide a general history of China, approaching from a wide range of viewpoints such as social, political, religious and philosophical developments. Participants will appreciate the formation of China’s social and political culture and how these value systems influence business decisions.

Topics include:

  • Chinese Philosophical Legacy and its Business Implications
  • China’s History and its Influence on China’s Business Practices

Strategies and Business Management in China

This segment will equip participants with skills vital to exploiting business opportunities in China, discussing topics on business competition, corporate leadership, marketing and crisis management.

Topics include:

  • Marketing in China
  • Managing the Value Chain in China
  • Managing Crisis in China through Leadership

Chinese Arts and Culture

An appreciation of the finer points of Chinese culture creates important avenues for building beneficial interpersonal relationships.

The series of topics covered in this segment will impart a first-hand experience of the most ubiquitous aspects of Chinese culture.

The arts & culture segment will allow participants to gain insights and useful talking points, facilitating better connections with their Chinese business counterparts.

Topics include:

  • Appreciating Chinese Tea and Wine Culture
  • Appreciating and Understanding the History of Chinese Paintings, Poetry and Music
  • Discovering and Savouring the Origins of Chinese Cuisines
  • Learning the Symbolism of Calligraphy
  • Understanding the Impact of Cultural Values in Business Negotiation